Vari-Right Carton Closer


The Vari-Right, a three-flap, right angle closer for top load cartons has a revolutionary variable pitch design. It incorporates the dual benefits of lugged carton control and random in-feed timing, as a result of "infinitely variable" flight centres. Patented "pop up" lug technology has been optimised in a full servo motor platform. Vari-Right's unique design combines the carton control benefits of a lugged carton closer without sacrificing the advantages of a random style carton infeed.

Standard Features

  • Heavy duty fully-welded tubular stainless steel frame
  • Compact footprint
  • A-B® ControlLogix machine controls
  • Dynamic adjustment of drives through touch screen
  • User friendly Insight® Colour Touch Screen icon-based operator Interface for easy setup and operation
  • Driven Infeed to accept Random Carton Flow
  • Cantilevered overhead carton transport assemblies
  • Roller Compression
  • Digital indicators for easily repeatable size changes
  • Independent Servo and VFD drives for each machine section
  • User-friendly controls, minimum set-up parameters
  • Nordson® ProBlue hot melt adhesive system

Optional features

  • Hood-Cover Closure (cover left infeed only)
  • Cover-Left carton Orientation
  • Opposite-hand machine orientation (discharge)
  • Casters for portability
  • Size Range Modifications
  • Special electricals and voltages
  • Automatic lubrication
  • Cluster lubrication
  • Additional glue guns
  • Multi-colour light stack


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Speed: Variable up to 120 cartons per minute

Actual speed depends on carton size and style

Carton Size Range (mm)

Min Max
Length 102 381
Width 83 305
Depth 38 127
Top load carton dimensioned