C1F and C1H Carton Closer


KLIKLOK’s new C1F is a medium speed continuous motion automatic closer for single flap, hinge cover cartons. The cover tuck flap can be inserted inside or hot melt glued to the outside of the front wall.

An alternative version, the C1H closer, is specially designed to close ‘hood cover’ style cartons, for example tea ‘caddy’ packs. This machine has the same features and benefits as the C1F closer

Both versions have 2 infeed options: Pneumatic gate for speeds up to 80cpm and “Smartbelt” up to 150cpm

Standard Features

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Easy access machine frame
  • Overhead cover control
  • Interactive colour touch screen
  • Digital indicators for easy size change
  • Nordson hot melt glue system where applicable
  • Powered outfeed belts
  • Allen Bradley electrical package
  • CE Mark

Optional features

  • Cover left or right carton orientation
  • Hood cover closure
  • Siemens electrical package
  • Automatic Lubrication


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Speed: Up to 150 cartons per minute depending on infeed option

Actual speed depends on carton size and style

Carton Size Range (mm)

Min Max
Length A 100 250
Width B 50 200
Depth C 25 100
Flap D 15 50
Tuck E 15 30
Top load carton dimensioned