Trolley Loader


Introducing the KLIKLOK family of servo driven trolley loaders, designed specifically for the dairy industry to collate plastic containers of milk and load them automatically into shelved trolleys (roll containers).

Different versions of this range are available to either manually feed trolleys into the machine for loading or to take trolleys automatically from a feed conveyor.

KLIKLOK trolley loaders can accommodate virtually any size of milk container, and all variants can handle 3 or 4 shelf trolleys. Machines are capable of speeds in excess of 300 bottles per minute on twin lane infeed models, with minimal downtime for product or size changeovers.

Standard Features

  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Maximum product control
  • Detects damaged products
  • Collators for both ‘in-line’ and ‘transverse’ products
  • Built-in management information and diagnostics system
  • User friendly colour touch screen
  • IP65
  • CE Mark Specification

Optional features

  • Layer pad inserter
  • Clean in place (CIP) systems
  • Infeed options available for most filling configurations


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In excess of 300 bottles per minute depending on machine model

Actual speeds are dependent upon product characteristics, collations and trolley type