Rotary Transfer System (RTS)


The KLIKLOK Rotary Transfer System (RTS) is an efficient, continuous motion, high speed product handling solution. The machine accepts randomly arriving product onto a smooth belt conveyor, lifts and carries them through 90 degrees via a carousel, and gently places them in the correct orientation into the infeed conveyor of an End Load Cartoner. This fast and robust solution is ideal for products that need gentle yet rapid transfer from narrow end leading to broad side leading, prior to cartoning.

Standard Features

  • Servo driven
  • Robust stainless steel construction
  • Low friction infeed conveyor
  • Continuous gentle motion for product protection
  • Highly adaptable for new products
  • Colour touch screen
  • Hygienic easy clean design
  • CE Mark


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Up to 250 products per minute

Actual speeds are dependent upon packaging material, product geometry and characteristics

Product size range (mm)

Min Max
Length 55 180
Width 25 70
Depth 110 200