Cascade Loading System (CLS)


The Cascade Loader System is KLIKLOK’s clever product handling innovation. This compact stand-alone unit is designed to complement our wide range of end load and top load cartoning equipment. By using a fully adjustable 3-stage vertical rotor timing system, the CLS provides collation, stacking and transfer of bags and sachets.

A neat, compact unit, our Cascade Loading System offers high productivity in a minimum amount of factory area.

Standard Features

  • Touch screen control based on ‘insight’ design
  • ‘Recipe’ style saving of different products to enable quick changeover
  • Fully adjustable drop timing
  • Selectable multi-collations from touch screen
  • ‘Rumble’ infeed conveyor option for compacted slower speed product e.g. muesli
  • Built in aborted product collection bin
  • 3 stage drop rotor set with all rotors 3 position
  • Adjustable metering conveyor slope. (0 degrees and 8 degrees)
  • Tracked conveyor belts
  • Infeed product side guides
  • Rotor width adjustment using lead-screw and digital indicator
  • Product sensors for over-feed and over-length
  • Single upper conveyor access door and hinged rotor access door
  • Cartoner PIC infeed / outfeed safety ‘catflaps’
  • Allen Bradley or Siemens control system
  • CE Mark

Optional features

  • Air eject or lift-up conveyor abort options. (Air eject up to 0.25 kg product)
  • Different product timing options from external machinery
  • XL version available
  • Duplex and Triplex versions available


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Up to 120 products per minute on single CLS model

Size range - Standard rotor diameter cascade: (CLS120)

Product length mm: 100 to 300 (Depth of insertion)
Product width mm: 100 to 200 (60 to 160 with reduced width optional top rotors)
Product height mm: 70 maximum (Singles or total height of multiples)

Size range - Large rotor diameter cascade: (CLS120-XL)

Product length mm: 100 to 350 (Depth of insertion)
Product width mm: 140 to 260
Product height mm: 100 maximum (Singles or total height of multiples)

Product weight allowable up to 1 kg (single or total of stack)