CCI end load cartoner


CCI (Compact Cartoner Intermittent) is KLIKLOK's innovative approach to an economical automated end load cartoning system. The CCI is compact in design and uses mechanical intermittent motion with automated product insertion and infeed timing within a small footprint, maximizing production space and reducing manpower. Simple to operate, the machine has single start /stop controls and on-demand carton indexing for random product arrival.

Standard Features

  • 12" Pitch
  • Predominantly Stainless Steel Construction
  • Powered Hopper
  • Mechanical Indexing System
  • Liftable Overhead Guides
  • Hot-Melt Glue System
  • Powered Outfeed Belts
  • "Slam shut" Folding and Compression
  • Large Size Range
  • CE Mark

Optional features

  • 6” pitch
  • Alternative closing (tuck)
  • Opposite hand version


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Speed: Up to 40 cartons per minute
Actual speed depends on pitch, product characteristics, carton size and style

Carton Size Range (mm) – 12” pitch

Min Max
Length 50 260
Width 25 100
Depth 100 300
End load carton dimensioned