The proof is in the package

Everywhere we look, there’s a new product that promotes a healthier lifestyle, and the appetite for growth in this market is huge. One company with the foresight to predict such expansion was UK-based snack producer Graze. Nine years ago, seven friends set up an online subscription business which looked to create snacks that showed off health's more pleasurable side. Having undergone considerable growth, Graze today has moved into physical shops in the UK and is on sale in more than 5000 stores, including Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Boots as well as American retailer Wallgreen’s.

“People want healthier food choices” Horatio Cary (innovation engineer) of Graze comments, “although it’s a sector that’s becoming increasingly congested, at graze we are constantly searching for the best balance between healthy, tasty and interesting snacks by making good exciting.”

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The complete package

The packaging of a product should never be underestimated. It gives companies the ability to differentiate from competitors and can also be an effective marketing tool. Graze called on Kliklok, now a Bosch Packaging Technology company, to keep the artisan look and feel and to uphold the brand’s identity of a craft, environmentally-friendly producer of fresh and healthy snacks. “The very nature of our business demands constant innovation – it’s at the heart of everything we do from our ingredients to the way we present the final product to our customers. This is where we have an advantage over large FMC companies because we own our packing facility & have a large direct to consumer business on which we can test new ideas & products.”

The relationship between Graze and Kliklok blossomed in a meeting at a small trade show in Birmingham, UK, back in February 2009. Kliklok exhibited a carton closing machine which appealed to the company’s interest in packaging which makes a positive impact on the environment.

One of the initial challenges for Graze was working out the best way to get products to busy consumers with an on-the-go lifestyle. It was after the encounter in the West Midlands when both companies worked together to design a carton style that could be formed on Kliklok’s JR carton former.

Packaging Machines | Packaging Technology | KLIKLOK

“Our customers demand that their interesting and healthy products are appropriately packaged, so that goods can be transported with ease and posted through letterboxes” Cary adds. “At every stage of the processing cycle, right through to the consumer receiving the product, the food inside is kept safe and protected from damage.”

Something that palpably resonates is the true nature of collaboration between Kliklok and Graze. “The Kliklok team has years of experience and expertise to fully understand the unique needs of how Graze packaging needs to perform,” says Cary. “We’ve designed our packaging to take great care of our products as they make their way to our customers. We worked with Kliklok to design a bespoke packaging machine that enables us to use as little carton board as possible and no glue at all – the card itself comes from sustainable forests and is one hundred percent biodegradable and recyclable.”


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