Pescanova orders another Kliklok machine to pack frozen fish

Pescanova, a Spanish company specialising in frozen fish products, has placed a repeat order for another KLIKLOK SRWD lock-form cartoning machine. The company, based in Redondela, Galicia, currently sells more than 50,000 tons of fish products globally each year and is ranked among the top five companies in its sector.

Packaging frozen food presents a unique set of challenges – all being addressed through a collaborative approach across the value chain. Packaging machinery manufacturers like Kliklok work closely with their customers to develop solutions that ensure efficiency and speed in packaging, while maintaining durability and flexibility in design.

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In order to package its range of fish burgers, medallions and breaded fillets for distribution, Pescanova approached KLIKLOK looking for a solution that would enable the fish producer to package its products in a range of cartons sizes using one machine. KLIKLOK’s SRWD lock-forming machine, designed with the capability to form large carton sizes in either single or double head configuration, had already proved to be a winning choice and was selected again to match both the speed and carton range requirements.

The SRWD lock-forming machine uses individual size-specific forming head assemblies, which are quickly and easily changed between sizes. Eliminating the need to use hot-melt glue during the forming process helps to save both energy and overhead costs. The double-head configuration of the SRWD enables Pescanova to form two cartons in one cycle at speeds of up to 120 cartons per minute.

KLIKLOK cartoning machinery has been synonymous with frozen foods since the company pioneered the first lock-formed carton erector over 50 years ago. With frozen food becoming increasingly popular with European consumers - and a regular fixture in the weekly grocery shop – there are a growing number of options for packaging frozen foods from boxes, cartons, bags, pouches, heat-in-bag pouches, lidded trays and pans and crystalized PET trays.


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