KLIKLOK supplies two high speed cartoning lines to India

With the co-operation of their new agent in India, Vedic Pac Systems, KLIKLOK has successfully secured an order for two fully automatic end load cartoning lines for India's biggest spice producer, Everest & Co, packing 4 different size bags of aromatic spice mix at an impressive 330 cartons per minute.

To achieve this speed, Kliklok designed a brand new variant of their 6” pitch PRIMA end load cartoner, incorporating servo motors to replace mechanical drive mechanisms throughout the machine. This eliminates time-consuming hand wheel adjustments with quick and easy automatic adjustments. For this particular project, to meet the specific requirements of the customer, each Prima was enhanced with a number of optional features to maintain efficiency and consistently high performance. For example a large 10” interactive colour touch screen, modem capability for remote trouble-shooting, and feedback-style digital read-outs to ensure that any adjustments are correctly confirmed before the machine will start.

Kliklok’s patented rotary carton feeder is unique in its ability to run cartons with large quality variation – essential to maintaining production efficiency on such a high speed line

The deployment of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags ensure that the change parts fitted are precisely matched to the SKU selected on the menu screen before the machine can run. This fail safe system, ensures maximum productivity and eliminates down-time due to operator error . The tags were fitted to the hopper gate, piston inserter pushers, and carton feed arms. The “easy-fit” design of these change parts mean that repeatable size change on the Prima can be completed in less than 10 minutes

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For the product loading operation prior to cartoning, each PRIMA was integrated with Kliklok’s triple module CASCADE LOADING SYSTEM (CLS) accepting three lanes of product arriving directly from the customer’s bag-makers, and providing a continuous flow of bags into the infeed of the PRIMA cartoner, The compact CLS unit is designed with fully adjustable 3-stage vertical rotor timing mechanisms, providing the collation, stacking and transfer of bags or sachets. For this project, the CLS was fitted with multiple sensors, pre-positioned to pick up all four possible bag lengths

Kliklok is delighted to supply these new fully automatic integrated systems, which will provide Everest & Co. with two highly efficient state of the art packaging lines, that enable them to achieve ambitious growth plans at their two factories in Umbergaon and Mumbai.


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