Kliklok packs pizzas again for Kiren Foods

Kiren Foods has been creating chilled and frozen pizza products for retail and foodservice clients for over 20 Years. Perfection in development and excellence in delivery linked to the highest quality control standards have made Kiren Foods the industry leader in pizza production in the UK and across Europe. Kiren Foods is guided by core values of excellence in customer service, innovation, quality and integrity so when it came to selecting a cartoning machinery supplier they chose a company with the same philosophy – Kliklok International.

Following the success of the first Kliklok machine at their plant in Rochdale, Kiren Foods again chose Kliklok’s best-selling SFR end load cartoner with ‘Smartbelt’ infeed system to pack chilled round multi-vac pizzas. The SFR, with its short footprint, was perfect for the factory layout, and was designed with a 15” flight pitch to accommodate the 275mm diameter pizza. The ‘Smartbelt’ system allows the product to arrive at random with no need for precision placement by operators, thus improving line efficiency and providing a fully automatic solution.

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With over 90 Kliklok SFR models installed throughout the world, this medium speed end load cartoner has proved to be a winning choice for major food companies like Findus, Heinz, Cadbury and McCain.As well as a short footprint, the machine boasts a patented rotary carton feeder, interactive colour touch screen and robust stainless steel construction.This versatile cartoner also has the benefit of easy and repeatable size change plus the modification option to run 5-crease sleeves AND conventional end load cartons on the same machine.

The SFR’s modular design offers a choice of infeed systems for either hand-loading, automatic product transfer, collating or stacking – providing tailor made solutions for improved productivity. With the benefit of flexibility, the SFR can be re-configured if production requirements change.

The good relationship with Kiren Foods & Kliklok’s reputation for well-designed reliable machinery has notched up another success story for the popular SFR end loader.


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