Kliklok delivers Cascade Loading System and SFR endload cartoner to Morubel, Belgium

Morubel, a leading supplier of shrimp and related seafood products, has chosen to partner with Kliklok for its loading and cartoning needs at its Ostende, Belgium, facility.

The company required a system capable of packaging five different sizes of IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) prawns. One format is a stacked twin bag, while two of the five bags contain prawn skewers which, due to their irregular shape and size, will be placed directly onto the endload cartoning system by hand.

Morubel needed a system that was flexible and versatile to suit a range of packaging formats, so this solution has proved to be the perfect match. We worked closely with the company to ensure the Cascade Loader System (CLS) and SFR cartoner would deliver from the very first production run, and the joint participation and effort before the installation was instrumental to the success of the project.

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Packaging Machines | Packaging Technology | KLIKLOK

Hygienic design as standard

The Cascade Loader System is one of Kliklok’s product handling innovations and uses a clever, fully adjustable 3-stage vertical rotor timing system to stack and transfer bags - perfect for Morubel’s application. Built to a robust, stainless steel design, the CLS also meets the demanding washdown and hygiene standards of this industry.

The system accepts bags arriving in a single lane from an inclined conveyor. The bags then drop through a series of rotary fingers to collate and stack the necessary amount before dropping the stack onto the infeed of the SFR cartoner. The addition of a rumble conveyor prior to the CLS at Morubel helps the products to settle flat before arrival.

Ease of operation for any application
Compact in design and footprint, the SFR endload cartoner offers high productivity in the minimum amount of factory area. The quick-change carton gate, quick-connect carton feeder arms and mechanical cranks reduce carton changeover to just a few minutes and the Kliklok colour touch screen provides information to facilitate easy, repeatable machine set up and adjustment.

The hand load infeed option allows unusual packaging sizes to be placed into the flighted infeed conveyor, where the SFR’s inserter will automatically time the product into the carton. This was the most economical option for Morubel due to their requirements for the skewered prawn products.

The line was installed at the end of last year and Morubel are delighted with the SFR’s performance.


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