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Here at KLIKLOK, we understand that selecting the right packaging machinery is a crucial decision for the success of any product, particularly in the food industry.

For over 50 years, KLIKLOK has been at the forefront of food packaging technology. We work alongside our customers to ensure they choose equipment that suits their individual needs and production requirements.

Our extensive range of durable and efficient equipment includes top load and end load cartoning, automatic product handling, wraparound sleeving, and specialist machinery. In addition, we offer the Woodman range of bagmakers, plus trolley loading equipment, and display card loaders.

From our UK premises in Bristol, KLIKLOK designs, manufactures and distributes machinery throughout Europe, the Middle East, South East Asia and Australasia. The United States, Canada, South America and parts of Asia are served by KLIKLOK-Woodman in Atlanta, USA.

With expertise and focus on the core industries we have served for so many years – frozen and chilled foods, snack food, dairy and bakery – KLIKLOK is able to meet the growing needs of our customers and keep one step ahead in today’s changing market.

We are continuously investing more effort and resources to ensure that our packaging machinery remains the number one choice for food producers world-wide.


In this age of environmental awareness, the call for ‘sustainable packaging’ is becoming more prevalent. Food producers in particular are under pressure to examine more ways of reducing their packaging material and improving their packaging methods.

So for cartoning applications, this doesn’t just mean using less packaging, it also means using recycled material and lighter carton-board.

With a 50-year pedigree, at KLIKLOK we have the experience, knowledge and expertise to provide the confidence of high-speed packing using lightweight recycled board on our range of equipment.

KLIKLOK offers food producers the opportunity to pack their products with efficiency and profitability, yet with consideration for sustainability and renewable resources.

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